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鈥淚n 2009 I first turned to George Gasc贸n to lead the San Francisco Police Department because of his track record of getting results. Sixteen months later police were actively engaging the community and homicides had plummeted by more than 50 percent. That鈥檚 why, in my last act as a Mayor, I turned to him once more to succeed then-DA Kamala Harris. Over the next nine years he famously reduced crime while reducing incarceration, and he burnished a national reputation as a leader in the fight to reform our dated system of justice. This November Angelenos will choose who to turn to as calls to reimagine our dated system of justice grow louder, and I urge them to join me once again in turning to George Gasc贸n.鈥

鈥淕eorge Gasc贸n is a proven leader of national significance when it comes to reforming our criminal justice system,鈥 said U.S. Senator Kamala Harris. 鈥淎s DA of San Francisco, George led fights to reform the Three Strikes Law, decrease the state prison population and get people convicted of nonviolent offenses greater opportunities to get their lives back on track. As DA of LA County, I know George Gasc贸n will work every day to keep our communities safe and demand real accountability from our justice system and real justice for every Angeleno.鈥

"George Gasc贸n will be a champion for change if elected to District Attorney in Los Angeles," said Secretary Juli谩n Castro. "George has a consistent and strong record of holding the powerful accountable, and he will be a leader that fights for the important changes Los Angeles needs."

"George Gasc贸n is running in a race the LA Times called the most important contest in the country outside of the presidency. Los Angeles is home to the largest criminal justice jurisdiction and jail in the nation. George is facing a two-term "tough on crime" incumbent who has been criticized by Black Lives Matter and the ACLU for failing to hold officers accountable for excessive use of force."

鈥淕eorge Gasc贸n has been a national leader in criminal justice reform and a powerful advocate for rethinking our approach to public safety and ending mass incarceration. I鈥檓 proud to endorse him for Los Angeles County District Attorney.鈥

鈥淚 am proud to endorse George Gasc贸n for District Attorney. He knows how to promote public safety through partnerships with and beyond law enforcement. George Gasc贸n will help our county shift the burden from the criminal justice system and jails toward diversion, intervention, and re-entry programs that save money and save lives. He is a leader who I have known and trusted for nearly twenty years who can meet this moment.鈥

鈥淭here is so much at stake in this election,鈥 said Congressman C谩rdenas. 鈥淲e need to put the era of mass incarceration in the rear-view mirror, and George has a track record of safely reforming our institutions and holding the powerful accountable. Over his decades-long career in law enforcement he has stood up to protect women, families, immigrants, and the rule of law. He鈥檚 the best choice to be LA鈥檚 next DA.鈥

"George Gasc贸n has reduced violent crime in every leadership position he has held, proving that justice reform and community safety can go hand in hand. George has Long Beach roots and is a CSULB graduate. I鈥檓 proud to endorse a leader and a friend, for the position of Los Angeles County District Attorney."

"I am proud to endorse George Gasc贸n for District Attorney,鈥 said Congressmember Nanette Barrag谩n. 鈥淟A County has seen a 30% violent crime increase in the last 8 years, yet continues to maintain the biggest jail system in the country. The 'tough on crime' policies of the 90s have wreaked havoc on communities of color, and have yet to make us any safer. As DA, George employed innovative approaches that led to reduced jail and prison populations while violent crime dropped to historic lows in SF. I know he will bring the same vision and change to the LA DA office, one where community safety and an equitable justice system can be realized for all Angelenos.鈥

鈥淭hroughout his career, George has consistently centered the lived experiences of people, and valued the partnership of community. He has advocated for progressive policies, including ending the death penalty, eliminating cash bail, and reducing mass incarceration. As L.A. District Attorney, I know George will continue the commitment to service and public safety that has defined his career. I鈥檓 proud to endorse his campaign.鈥

鈥淔or decades the Los Angeles criminal justice system has divided Angelenos into two separate classes, communities of color and everyone else,鈥 said Congresswoman Maxine Waters. 鈥淕eorge Gasc贸n has demonstrated his commitment to equal justice, having reduced the sentencing disparity between African Americans and Caucasians by half, eliminating the conflict of interest that existed when police investigated themselves in the aftermath of a police shooting, and by holding officers accountable who used excessive force. Los Angeles needs a 21st century system of justice, we need George Gasc贸n.鈥

鈥淗e is an experienced administrator and a thoughtful progressive leader who will set the proper course for the LADA's office into the future. I believe that he is the right person, at the right moment, to lead the LADA's office and I wholeheartedly support him."

"The voters and the legislature alike continue to embrace reforms to end California's involvement in a failed war on drugs and the policies of mass incarceration that defined the 1980s and 1990s. Over the years, George Gasc贸n has stood apart from his law enforcement colleagues, supporting reforms that are taking us safely into the 21st century. George has always stood up to the wealthy and well-connected, even if it meant that he would stand alone. That is the type of leadership that LA needs, and I'm proud to support him to be Los Angeles County District Attorney."

"George Gasc贸n is a trailblazer in creating reforms that improve public safety and was the only District Attorney that supported statewide measures to prevent overuse of police force. I am proud to endorse Gasc贸n for District Attorney for Los Angeles County and trust in his commitment to bring accountability and equity to our justice system."

Proud to support @GeorgeGascon for Los Angeles County District Attorney! He is a powerful and courageous reformer who will infuse our criminal justice system with more compassion, humanity, and safety!

"I am proud to endorse George Gasc贸n for LA County DA," said California Assembly Majority Leader Ian Calderon. "In 2012, I became the first millennial to be elected to the California State Legislature, and I have been fighting for change across the state ever since. The next generation of Californian鈥檚 want to see change - that is why I am endorsing George Gasc贸n for Los Angeles District Attorney. As DA of San Francisco, George's work to reform the criminal justice system and modernize the role of the District Attorney proved to advance public safety and justice. He will bring the change we so desperately need here at home in LA--the largest jurisdiction in the country."

鈥淕eorge Gasc贸n will hold polluters accountable, stand up to powerful corporations, and fight for criminal justice reform that repairs the damage done by generations of poor policy,鈥 said Bonin. 鈥淚 am proud to endorse George for District Attorney and I am eager to help elect a trusted and proven progressive to this crucial office.鈥

"I am proud to announce my endorsement of George Gasc贸n for Los Angeles County District Attorney,鈥 said Dolores Huerta, civil rights activist and co-founder of the National Farmworkers Association. 鈥淗is successful track record of progressive policies, and ability to simultaneously lower violent crime and protect our communities, proves that George is the champion we need to fundamentally reform LA鈥檚 criminal justice system. I am confident that under his leadership the District Attorney鈥檚 office will become a powerful ally in this important fight for equity, safety, and justice for all of our communities.鈥

"For decades, George Gasc贸n has fought to hold corporate polluters accountable, stand with marginalized communities, and reform a criminal legal system that continues to disproportionately impact communities of color without making our communities any safer. I am confident in George鈥檚 experience, track record, and leadership. George will move Los Angeles in the direction we desperately need--one of reform--at a time when we face housing and behavioral health crises that demand novel solutions, not more jails and prisons. I enthusiastically endorse him for District Attorney.鈥

鈥淕eorge Gasc贸n has earned my endorsement for Los Angeles County District Attorney. Though it is rare that I get involved in elections involving the District Attorney鈥檚 office, George Gasc贸n is the leader we need for this massive office. I am convinced that he will bring the courage and leadership to make the necessary changes in the District Attorney鈥檚 office and in the criminal justice system as a whole--changes that fair minded and practical Los Angeles residents need and demand.鈥

鈥淚 am proud to endorse George Gasc贸n for L.A. County District Attorney,鈥 said West Hollywood Mayor Pro Tempore Lindsey Horvath. 鈥淕eorge has been a tireless advocate for community safety, criminal justice reform, and survivors. As D.A. he prosecuted more than DOUBLE the national average of sexual assault cases and successfully fought to test every backlogged rape kit. George is the ally Angelenos need in our top law enforcement office, to make sure predators in LA are held accountable鈥 and survivors are believed and see justice served. I wholeheartedly support George Gasc贸n for L.A. County District Attorney.鈥

鈥淭his moment, and this movement, is bigger than any one individual,鈥 said Deputy District Attorney Joseph Iniguez. 鈥淭he nation is watching this race, and prosecutors across the country have been watching and following George鈥檚 lead on criminal justice reform. George has proven he has the vision to lead the Los Angeles County District Attorney鈥檚 office into the 21st Century, and has more management experience than the other candidates in this race combined.鈥

鈥淚鈥檝e been a DA for over 30 years, and in that time I鈥檝e seen the world change and the field of prosecution progress, but the DA鈥檚 office under Jackie Lacey鈥檚 leadership has remained stagnant,鈥 said Deputy DA Richard Ceballos who prosecutes Hate Crimes and Organized Crime. 鈥淕asc贸n has taken a hard stance against dangerous people, but he鈥檚 developed modern programs and policies to deal with everyone else. That modern approach produces better outcomes, enhances justice, and reduces racial disparities. I鈥檓 proud to support George for DA.鈥

鈥淚 know @GeorgeGascon will fight to reform the criminal justice system and that's why I'm proud to support him.鈥

鈥淕eorge Gasc贸n has been a longtime advocate and proven leader in criminal justice reform. I鈥檓 inspired by his vision of a legal system that serves all Angelenos and moved by his record of implementing ground-breaking reforms to reduce racial disparities in the system. As our nation continues to reckon with institutionalized racism, especially the impact of the criminal justice system, I know that George will bring much-needed change to Los Angeles county in pursuit of a more just system.鈥

"George Gasc贸n has spent his life working to make our justice system work for everyone, not just the wealthy and well connected,鈥 said Washington. 鈥淎s DA, he reduced violent crime to historic lows AND fought for criminal justice reform. Vote Gasc贸n for LA County District Attorney!"

鈥淕eorge Gasc贸n has been behind so many of California's landmark criminal justice reforms, and that's why I'm so proud to support him to be LA's next District Attorney," said Cristela Alonzo. "We need leaders that stick up for all of us, and from standing up to Joe Arpaio's reign of terror in Arizona, to investigating and exposing racist cops in San Francisco. George has stood up to protect and defend the vulnerable. It's leaders like George that give me hope for a safer and more tolerant community, and it's leaders like George that we need to enact deep system change. He has bold ideas to reimagine criminal justice and I am proud to support him to be the next DA of Los Angeles."

George Gasc贸n is the leader and advocate we need in an office as powerful as the LA District Attorney. As SF DA, he prosecuted more than double the national average of sexual assault cases and successfully fought to test every rape kit. George is committed to securing justice for survivors, as well holding police accountable, ending mass incarceration, and fighting for a system that works for everyone, not just the powerful & well connected. I am proud to endorse George Gasc贸n for LA County DA.

"I am proud to endorse George Gasc贸n for LA County District Attorney," said filmmaker Ava DuVernay. "Born and raised in Los Angeles--the largest incarcerator in the country--I have witnessed the unique violence perpetuated by the American justice system against the Black community. George's commitment to narrowing racial disparities in the system and holding police accountable, coupled with his track record of reform, is the change we desperately need right here at home. VOTE #GeorgeGascon for LA DA."

Proud to endorse @GeorgeGascon for #LosAngeles District Attorney. I know he will fight for a system that works for ALL Angelenos. Let鈥檚 bring criminal justice reform home, to the US鈥檚 largest county, w/the largest jail system in the world. #Justice4All

"The more work I do around mass incarceration, the more I recognize how important the district attorney is in the process of improving and bringing positive change to our criminal justice system," said Award-Winning Artist, Activist and Author, Common. "I鈥檝e spent a lot of time around California and I鈥檝e been to jails and communities all over LA County and I can see that people really want true justice and safety. It gives me hope to see people running for office who we can truly believe in that care and will do the work and that鈥檚 why I鈥檓 supporting George Gasc贸n.鈥

鈥淲e spend billions and billions and billions of dollars on a system that does not make our community safer鈥 said activist Susan Burton. 鈥淚 believe we need a different approach to what makes our communities safe and what makes our criminal system just and I believe George Gasc贸n will bring that to Los Angeles County.鈥

"This is an important moment in history," said Chesa Boudin, San Francisco District Attorney. "George has been a pioneer in progressive prosecution, and this movement is spreading like wildfire because it's safer, more equitable, and far less costly than what we've been doing for decades. George gets that, and that's why he's LA's best choice for DA.鈥

"As a beat cop, Assistant Chief of the LAPD and then District Attorney, George has a level of experience in our criminal justice system that is second to none," said John T. Chisholm, Milwaukee County District Attorney. "It's that depth of experience and insight into what works and what doesn't that makes George stand apart, I'm proud to support him.鈥

"George Gasc贸n was sounding the alarm on the injustices that define this country's dated approach to criminal justice long before the progressive prosecutors movement began," said Satana Deberry, Durham County District Attorney. "Lawyers as a breed tend to be risk averse, so seeing the reforms he's implemented accompany historic declines in violent crime showed many of us what was possible. He's been a trailblazer in this field, and I look forward to his continued success for the residents of LA.鈥

"He has a record of standing up for everyone, not just the wealthy and well-connected," said Mark Gonzalez, Nueces County District Attorney. "We hear a lot of people talk about justice being blind, but in order for that to ring true we have to take a hard look at the racial disparities that pervade the criminal justice system. George has fought to restore the promise of fairness and equity in our system, and I'm proud to support him for Los Angeles DA.鈥

"A good prosecutor doesn't necessarily make the popular decision," said Larry Krasner, Philadelphia District Attorney. "A good prosecutor makes the decision that is in the interests of justice and the community they serve. Sometimes that means holding the powerful accountable, even if it comes at personal cost, and sometimes that means giving someone who's been disadvantaged an opportunity and a second chance. George isn't a good prosecutor, he's a great prosecutor.鈥

"George escaped communist Cuba as a young man where he saw the implications of unchecked police power," said Karl Racine, Attorney General for the District of Columbia. "That has shaped his views and made him a better prosecutor. He understands that public safety is fundamentally about reducing violence in order to make our communities safer, and he's thoughtful and respectful with the power of his office. George doesn't use the authority of the state simply because he can, he wields that power when he should.鈥

"The criminal justice system is at the front-lines of our nation's dialogue on race," said Rachael Rollins, Suffolk County District Attorney. "Whether he was using artificial intelligence to reduce the threat of implicit bias, or pushing initiatives that have successfully reduced the sentencing disparity between African Americans and Caucasians by half, George hasn't just been a passenger to this necessary conversation - he's been driving it.鈥

If we are going to get Serious about holding the LAPD Accountable for brazen Use of Force- we're going to have to Elect a District Attorney ready and able to Prosecute egregious Police actions. We must Elect @GeorgeGascon in November.

鈥淔or too long, our dated system of justice has put a premium on punishment and length of sentence, over public safety and the needs of our communities,鈥 said Cook County State鈥檚 Attorney Kim Foxx. 鈥淏ut that approach has failed us, proving to be inequitable, expensive, and ultimately adversarial to our long-term health and safety. In America鈥檚 largest jurisdiction we need a progressive prosecutor who is willing to implement policies backed by science and research, and who has a track record of reducing crime and incarceration. That prosecutor is George Gasc贸n, and I鈥檓 proud to support him to be LA鈥檚 next District Attorney.鈥